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I am consultant and reviewer, associated with a renowned online assignment review service TopAssignmentReviews in the Australia.Provides insights on assignments review.

A chemical equation is a symbolic representation of a chemical reaction. The reactants, chemicals remain on the left side of the equation, and the products, chemicals are on the right side of the equation. To get detailed information about the chemical equations,


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Best Finance Management provider

Who Is The Best Assignment Provider For Finance?

Many students look for finance assignment help to get over with the task easily. It is better if you have a look at the writing service website reviews first before ordering your paper at a company.


According to the client reviews, My Assignment Help has been considered as the best provider of finance assignment help. Check out the honest and unbiased review of this company before opting for their finance assignment writing services.


  • Writing quality

Martha, one of their existing clients, said 'MyAssignmenthelp worked on my paper exactly as I wanted them to. They followed all the university guidelines with perfection. It’s because of them that I managed to get an A+.’ You can also check out their online samples to understand their writing quality.

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  1. Team of writers

One of the managers at MyAssignmenthelp.com said: "We have handpicked some of the best PhD qualified scholars to take care of our client’s finance papers with the utmost precision.” Unlike other companies, they have a separate page which displays the experience and qualifications of each writer.


  1. Delivery timings

The client testimonials suggest that MyAssignmenthelp.com delivers work prior to the deadline. Some of the clients even remarked that they got their papers within 24 hours as per their demand. Nancy, one of the students at a reputed University, said "MyAssignmenthelp.com is one of the best essay writing services. I got my paper four days before the deadline."

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  1. Prices and discounts

According to its website, MyAssignmenthelp.com doesn’t have a fixed price list. They deliver the customised price based on the student's requirements. Thus, you get to pay only for the services you want. They also offer a discount of 30% to the first time clients. You can also earn referral points and loyalty rewards on MyAssignmenthelp.com. Several client testimonials suggest that students are pretty happy with their offers and prices.

These are the four main reasons that MyAssignmenthelp.com has gained immense popularity among finance students all over the world. You must get in touch with them first before ordering your paper. After all, it is a matter of your grades and academic career. Good Luck!

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Source: http://reviewassignmenthelp.blogspot.com/2020/04/best-assignment-provider-for-finance.html

Edusson Review: A Service You Should Avoid

Edusson.com Review- Is it a legit writing service or not?

My name is Mike William, and I am in freshmen year at the University of Aberdeen. I needed help with my English literature assignment as I was running behind time. I was already occupied with other coursework, so I knew it wouldn’t be possible for me to squeeze in extra time for my English assignment project. My friend recommended me about Edusson, so I placed my order two weeks before the submission day. But my experience with them was not good at all.


I am sharing with you all the details of my bad experience so that no students have to suffer as I did. Here are a few reasons why I have found Edusson.com to be not reliable at all:

  1. Delivery

I specifically placed my order as I did not have enough time to construct a quality assignment. But even after mentioning the deadline, they sent my work 3 days late. I asked them for a discount for their late delivery. But they mentioned the writers took more time to better the quality of the paper. But what’s the use of getting work after the deadline? I had to face deadly consequences for their unprofessionalism. Everyone, please stay away from Edusson.com because they are clearly a scam who are just looking for easy money.

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  1. Quality of my assignment

Doing a quality assignment was not possible for me for such a strict deadline, so I had to put all my faith in the writers of Edusson.com. When I got my paperback from them, I was shocked to see the mess they have made. The structuring of the paper was not proper and they have even missed references. There were all sorts of broken sentences throughout the content. My 12-year-old brother could write better than them. I don’t know how the writers call themselves experts when their work is filled with numerous grammar and spelling mistakes.

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I did not really think that choosing Edusson.com will be such a big mistake in my life.

My intention was only to reveal the truth about Edusson.com not being safe for students. I shared my experience with you all so that you don’t have to go through the same. I have got an E in my paper just because I trusted on a wrong writing service.


Reviewer: Mike William

Writer id: #0651

Date: 20-Apr-2020

Place: University of Aberdeen

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Source: http://reviewassignmenthelp.blogspot.com/2020/04/edussoncom-review-is-it-legit-writing.html

Why students search MyAssignmenthelp for assignment?

MyAssignmentHelp will do your assignment for $9. Does it actually work?

Composing an assignment is one thing and roping in a reliable service provider to send across solutions for cheap. And when it comes to budget-friendly assignment writing service provider, My Assignment Help. is one name that has gained prominence over the last few years. According to reports, it has been found that the firm offers assignment solution for cheap, at times, in as little as $9. The question is how far is the notion true? If you too are looking for answers to this question, read this blog to take a look at the bigger picture.

The firm is known for offering exciting discounts

The official website of the firm displays “30% off on all orders” and “additional $20 sign-up bonus”. This is a clear indication of the fact that the company has budget-friendly offers in store. Otherwise, they won’t have talked about it in a boastful manner.
Also know the price review of affordablepapers.

MyAssignmenthelp.com offers referral bonus as well


This is yet another point that comes in support of the notion. The firm is said to provide students with bonus points for referring their services to friends and acquaintances. So much so that there are students who have used their referral points in order to purchase an entire assignment, without shelling out an extra buck.
Also know the price review of affordablepapers.

It has the best industry price to offer


It is said that MyAssignmenthelp.com has the best industry price to offer. Frank Dawson, a post graduate student from the Australian University was of the opinion ... “I was literally looking for an affordable assignment writing firm to help me with customised solutions. I would like to thank MyAssignmenthelp.com for assisting me with well-knit papers at the best industry price”.
It is perhaps because of such supportive statements and statistics in favour of the firm offering affordable assignment solutions, students across the globe express interest in placing orders and taking home papers at affordable price.
Also know the price review of samedaypaper.
Now that you know about the potential of the firm, conduct a thorough background research, tally this firm with at least a couple of others and place your order for tailor-made solutions at the best price.
Source: http://reviewassignmenthelp.blogspot.com/2020/04/can-myassignmenthelp-com-do-assignments-cheap.html

Rush Essay Reviews - Read Customer RushEssay review to find truth

Rush Essay Review


Student Story:

Just three days before the final submission date, I remembered that my law assignment was due to be completed. Actually, I am crazy about football; I was busy with the inter-college football tournament and I completely forgot about the assignment. It was RushEssay.com which helped me in this crucial time and handed me the assignment. I would have flunked without this crucial assistance from Rush Essay .


Since my school days, I am mad about football. When I got a chance in my college team, I didn't give it a second thought. During this time my professor gave me an assignment on 'The differences between common law and civil law'. I thought that I would be able to manage the task and complete it within the breaks in the tournament. But as soon as the tournament started I completely forgot about the pending task. After I came back from the tournament I recalled that I had to complete the full assignment. My gosh! It was just three days left for the final submission date and I had not written a single page.


I could have completed the assignment on my own but the topic was too hard for me. The only alternative left for me was to take assistance from the professional websites. When I started looking for this kind of service, I found there were several websites. But I thing RushEssay.com.


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There are three things that I noticed about this website. It is a USA-based company. As I study in USA, I thought that a USA-based company would be the best option for me. They were also offering a healthy discount for the first time customers at that time. So, the reduced prices attracted me. I also had a chat with the customer care and told them my requirements before placing the order. They told me that they were going to deliver in within two days. Hence, I would have one complete day to proofread it! I placed my order.


One thing I liked about them is that they have a separate guidance page which describes all the processes. Anyone who gets confused or doesn’t know can refer to it any time. My ordering process was smooth and there were no troubles in placing the order. They give three types of services - standard, advanced and premium. As I had a short deadline, I opted for their Advanced service. With the healthy discount that I received, the final price became very reasonable. It really feels good when you receive a discount on your first order.


The Advanced service promised direct writer contact, quality assurance and extended revision time-frame. But unfortunately I received the assignment after the deadline had passed. They promised to deliver the assignment within 48 hours but delivered it on the third day. The customer service told that the specific law writer was not available at the time when I placed the order which caused the delay. As the writer was not available on the first day itself, I could not contact him personally. But the customer service was very helpful, they gave regular updates and informed about the status of the assignment. I received the assignment of Thursday and the last date for submission in the college was Friday; so I had only 18-odd hours to revise and proofread the content.


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The writing quality of the assignment was good but not exceptional. But the document was free from spelling mistakes and other grammatical errors. I liked the presentation of the assignment. It was made just according to the guidelines given by the university. I expected stronger arguments in the content but overall it was good and nice. I thought one little revision by the concerned expert would have made my content exceptional. They were also eager to provide this service completely free but unfortunately there was no time left. The very next day I had to submit my assignment. But I consoled myself that two days before I thought about flunking in the exam and these people saved me by providing a completely referenced assignment - that is really credible.


Three days after, on the next Tuesday, the results of my classes were declared. I received B+ grade on the paper which considering the course I pursue (law) was quite decent. I would provide three and half stars to the service out of five stars. Yes, they need to improve in a number of fields but considering the vastness of the educational field and competition. My first recommendation would definitely be the deadline issue. They must be more cautious with their effectiveness to complete and deliver the work within the deadline. But they provided me an apology for the late delivery so no hard feelings! The writing quality was quite good especially if I consider the topic I assigned to them. But there is definitely a big scope of improvement. They also did not provide me any plagiarism report with the assignment. I personally checked my assignment. There was no unoriginality in the content. But they should give a plagiarism report as well with every paper they prepare. These are mostly the areas where they need to upgrade themselves. But RushEssays.com has its own forte too.


The prices are very reasonable considering the charges of the other services. The website is really user-friendly and I had no problems in placing the order to locating anything in the website. They have quite a few samples too available in the website. These samples are very helpful for the students like me to understand a service. The customer care was also very helpful and I received regular updates from them about the progress of my assignment. They also answered my every query patiently. Overall, RushEssay.com is a good helping hand for the students who are incapable of developing their assignment on their own for some reason. If they can guarantee me the delivery of my assignments within the deadline, I will definitely come back again.



Quality of Work: 2.5 / 5
Writer Experience 2.0 / 5
Affordability 3.0 / 5
Timely Delivery 2.0 / 5
Customer Service 3.0 / 5
Privacy 3.0 / 5

From all these aspects review discussed here, it’s safe to say that Paperial fails to make an impact as a credible service provider. While most students seem to be impressed with the customer support, the pricing and quality of tasks have received major flak. So, it’s best to consider these aspects before deciding to place an order on this site.


Read more-

Source: http://topassignmentreviews.com/review/paperial-com

Is BoomEssays.com a scam?

Boomessays is not exactly a reliable essay writing company as it appears from the reviews. However, it does have a few good reviews on the website. You cannot really say if those reviews are genuine or not. And if you are still willing to avail assistance from Boomessays.com, perhaps, you should keep a backup plan with you.


Read more- topassignmentreviews


Source: http://visual.ly/community/Infographics/education/legit-or-scam-find-boomessays-reviews-helps-you

In this Same Day Essay Review, the student is really fed up from their service. She has mentioned that she had been using their services for last 5 years and was never satisfactory. She was using this website only because she was not able to find any other website. She has also mentioned that they will apologise for their poor service but still will not be able to fix it.
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Source: http://topassignmentreviews.com/review/samedayessay-com

Essaypro Reviews - Essaypro Scamm, Trusted or What?

While having no option at all can be little frustrating for the students, having too many options isn't also a great thing for students. As the number of the assignment helpers has grown in the recent past, the number of the fake and incompetent academic services has also taken a hike. For this reason, it has become very crucial for the students to learn certain things about an online assignment support provider before availing any assistance from them. Student reviews can be really helpful in this case. By going through the genuine Essaypro.com  reviews , a student can have a decent idea of ​​how things work on that particular website.


TopAssignmentReviews.com is one of the leading reviewing websites that is focused on the online academic service providers. It is also the largest pool of student reviews which can help the students develop a better understanding of the assignment services provided by a particular website. For instance, if the student is willing to get assignment help from Essaypro.com , then going through the related reviews will help that student understand whether Essaypro.com  is fake or  legit . The student reviews are quite insightful and can provide the other students with necessary information which eventually allows them to choose the perfect service provider.


When it comes to the quality of the assignment, EssayPro.com claims to have one of the best teams in the world consisting of qualified experts. Moreover, they have a quality assurance team, and they leave no stone unturned to provide compelling essays to the students.


However, you should know the true scenario. The quality provided by EssayPro.com is subpar. As seen in Trustpilot reviews, Karola tagged low quality to Essaypro and clearly mention she wouldn't use Essaypro services again. According to her feedback, Essaypro really not a reliable writing service.


Many students have complained about the authenticity of the essays, with many losing valuable marks.

Have a look at some of the reviews. It will shed light on the actual quality provided by the experts.




Essaypro.com Review and Feedback 

Source: http://topassignmentreviews.com/review/essaypro-com

Assignmenthelponline Review- Be Aware of Assignmenthelponline.co.uk

AssignmentHelpOnline Review



 I am Kirito from Singapore, studying in a UK university. I am writing this review to help students to make the right decision. It was only a few days back that I got introduced to a website named Assignmenthelponline. And I have lots to say about this site. If you are interested in taking help from assignmenthelponline.co.uk, then you might be curious about my experience with this company. Keep patience and read on.

Let's start with the basics that include the online order form. I got an essay task a few days back from my history professor. Meanwhile, I went on a field trip with my buddies. And when I came back, I totally forgot about the essay task. It was my best pal Davis, who reminded me just before the day of submission. Naturally, I panicked and asked him to help me out. But he also had two papers to complete. With no options left, I went online and found this company. As I was in a super hurry, I barely got the time to explore its features and services. I directly contacted their customer care support team over live chat facility. Surprisingly, Assignmenthelponline.co.uk replied to me within a few seconds after I filled up the necessary information to start the conversation. Hannah was quite efficient while answering my queries. As I was new to this system, I needed to know everything from the beginning. So it took me a few minutes to understand the whole process. Hannah directed to the online order form where I am supposed to place all required details like word limit, subject, instructions, referencing style and standard regarding the assignment. Frankly, it was quite easy and quick. I just needed five to six minutes to complete the whole ordering process. Things went well until now. I was patting on my back for finding such quick solution. But I was wrong. I just needed five to six minutes to complete the whole ordering process. Things went well until now. I was patting on my back for finding such quick solution. But I was wrong. I just needed five to six minutes to complete the whole ordering process. Things went well until now. I was patting on my back for finding such quick solution. But I was wrong.


I had to make the full payment before receiving the task. Due to the short deadline, the paper cost me 102.60 GBP. I was okay with this high price as they assured me the quality of the paper would be top-notch. Assignmenthelponline.co.uk also assured that the paper would be handled only by the history expert. My requirements were simple, 3-page history essay on 'the impact of post-colonialism on third world countries' with 7 sources to be included and Harvard referencing style. After placing the order, I wanted to ensure whether they started working on the paper as they promised. I tried to contact them on chat. But they were not much help as they asked to call their customer care directly. Thankfully, they got me connected to the writer named Mellissa through the message board. She ensured me the assignment will be completed within the given time period.


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Frankly, I never stopped worrying about the assignment. Although, I got busy in selecting pictures of my field trip. I almost forgot about the assignment until I got up in the morning. I opened the message board and tried to get connected with Mellissa. But there was no response. I waited 15-20 minutes, and then called their toll-free number. It took me quite some time to make them understand the problem I am facing. They kept me on hold for a few minutes and informed me the writer was still on that task. They also ensured the task would be completed within a few hours. I was fearing I would miss the deadline. I requested them to hurry up.


I was supposed to submit the essay paper at the end of the day and it was already midday. I again sent a message to the writer in the hope that she would reply. Thankfully, she did. She said she was just wrapping up. She might need one or two hours to complete. I had no choice but to say 'yes'. Three hours passed by but I did not receive any notification from the company. I was certain that I would miss the deadline. But I did not. Assignmenthelponline.co.uk did send me the paper but at the last minute. I did not get the chance to go through the paper as it I had to submit it. I was heartbroken.


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Last day, I received my grades. Surprisingly, I got B in the paper. On an average, I get B or C in academic papers. I thought it would get me an absolute A because I paid 102.60 GBP for it. But it did not. I am not completely disheartened with the result because it at least got me B. When I got the chance to check the content, I noticed it was OK, not something to brag about. The structure of the content was good. It proves that the writer knows how to write an academic paper. Moreover, they successfully followed all requirements provided by me, except one. I wanted to them use double spacing in the content whereas they used single spacing. Moreover, I found there were few grammatical mistakes as well.


My Advice:

  • Try to deliver the assignment before the deadline, not on the submission date
  • Lower the prices so that everyone can afford it
  • Try to elevate the quality of the connectivity between the writer and customers
  • Pay attention to the details of assignment requirements
  • Elevate the quality of delivered papers.


Is Assignmenthelponline.co.uk worth the money?

I will say, 'yes' because Assignmenthelponline.co.uk did complete the essay within the deadline. If you have an urgent deadline to meet, you can trust this site, but remember there are numerous sites that provide the same quality at lower prices. So it depends on you.

If I had to rate the whole experience with assignmenthelponline.co.uk, I would give them 2.5 out 5, an average number. This experience could have been better if Assignmenthelponline.co.uk pay attention to some of their flaws.




Source: http://topassignmentreviews.com/review/assignmenthelponline-co-uk

BrillAssignment Review - Let's Reveal the Brill Assignment Truth

BrillAssignment Reviews

Brillassignment offers writing services for research papers, term papers, coursework, case study, lab work, assignments, essays and many more. They have over 500 academic writers who get the student's academic papers done. You can have a look at their review s to understand their quality of services. 


Which subjects do they provide for students looking for writing assistance?

They provide coverage for the subjects mentioned below:

  • Nursing
  • Law
  • Management
  • Business

You can call them up and have a word with their support executives to know if they can provide writing help for your subject. There are client testimonials on their website. So, you can check out the testimonials to see if their services are reliable or not.  


What about their prices?

Brillassignment.co.uk provides three service levels, Standard, Premium and Platinum. The prices vary as per your service levels and urgency.

For instance, for Standard users, it is $17.99 if you want the paper within ten days. But, you need to get the same paper at $40.99 if you want it within 12 hours.

Similarly, for Premium users, the price is $19.99 for the paper if you want it within ten days. The price is $40.99 if you want the paper within 24 hours.

If you’re a Platinum user, then the price is $21.99 for the urgency of 10 days. If you want the paper within 12 hours, then the price is $44.99. So, you can have a look at their price charts to stay away from fraud or fake information regarding their prices.

Apart from these services, there are other VIP packages as well. For example, there is VIP support that starts from $9.99, VIP service package starting from $12.28, proofread by an editor that starts from $4.48 and services from top 10 writers at $5.99.


Are there any discounts available?

Yes, they have several discounts available for UK students. When you order your first paper, then you get a discount of 15%. However, the discount codes are not applicable if your total cost is under $30. Keep a check on their website to follow whenever a discount code is revealed.


Do they provide a money-back guarantee?

Yes, you can ask for a money refund if you are not satisfied with their work or if they did not deliver the assignment within the deadline. However, you need to contact their support executives within 72 hours of your order completion. If you inform about the refund after this stipulated time, then your refund will not be accepted.

At the same time, if you do not answer to their queries or if they’re unable to contact you, then your order might be automatically cancelled. Also, for the refund request to be legit, you must provide solid reasons in support of your complain.


How to contact them?

You can communicate with them by dialling their phone number and speaking to their support executives. You can also mail them or chat with their team online by visiting their website.


Clarify your doubts via their communication portals. It is better to take a look at their terms and conditions and know about any scandals regarding their services.  

source:  topassignmentreviews.com

Essaytigers Review - Let's Reveal the Essay tigers Truth

Essaytigers Reviews



That day I had just completed my essay on electrolysis and submitted it to my chemistry professor. In the next period, our physics professor assigned me a research paper on thermodynamics. The exams were due next week. At that moment, I was not ready to spend my crucial study hours preparing this research paper. I requested my professor to kindly postpone the work after the exam but he told me that it was a part of the curriculum and I needed to do it. There was no other choice than to take assistance from professional services that operate in Australia.


I had used this online academic assistance service once in my life when I was in the first year. At that time I had taken assistance from EssayTigers.com. The website did a pretty decent job at that time. So, again this time, I decided to go to the same site. I visited the website of EssayTigers.com after two long years. When I logged in, I found that the website was refurbished and now it reflected a vibrant yellow color.


One thing I found really cool about this website was its clear pricing policy. Though it was my second time, I am sure even the first-timers would get a clear knowledge about the prospective prices. But the prices do not exactly match in the final order; just what happened with me this time. They followed the same process what I applied two years ago. I had a chat with the customer care service through the online chatting service. It showed as live help assistance but I found it actually online very few times and it responded to my query after 45 minutes to be very precise. I got to know from the customer care that they had experts in the subject Physics who would be assigned my task.



Though the overall design of the website was decent, but how they described themselves was terrible! Usage of language like ‘we are predators’, ‘our enemy is school work’ and those other nonsense disappointed me rather than impressing. I don’t know if this was present the first time when I took their service as that time I was in a real hurry. Anyway, I ignored it and moved on to place the order as the quality of the essay is what counts on the final day.


I forgot the earlier user account so I had to prepare a new one for myself. Placing the order was not smooth and I had to repeat the process three times and after that the order placement was successful. But the customer care informed me that the hassle caused was due to their internal technical glitches. Here I found that on confirming my order by making the payment, the prices did not match. It was quite higher than what it showed in the price calculator in the homepage. Again I contacted the customer care from where I was informed that the extra charge is due to my subject specifications. I confirmed the order by giving them a deadline of two days which is sufficient to prepare an essay on thermodynamics.


Here I would like to state that they gave no choice to contact the writer itself. I had to convey my requirements through the customer care which I said was not online every time. They should introduce a method through which the students can directly talk to their writers. Believe me, it makes the work better.


Now the shocking part! They delivered my essay in three days with a whole one day delay. They never told me the actual cause of this late delivery. Every time I contacted, the customer service told that the essay was almost done and would be delivered soon. Finally they did it a day after the deadline. But the quality of the essay was not bad. Whoever had done it, had kept in mind my requirements. It even included the mathematical derivation of the Landau Potential which I forgot to mention in my requirements but they did it. However, they forgot to deliver the reference and citations with the essay. Again I had to contact the customer care which as a habit was not online and I had to mail to them. They delivered it within 2 hours. Perfect Harvard referencing, no complaints! But they could have delivered the completed work in the first place itself.


In the essay, there were no factual, theoretical or mathematical errors. But I found some spelling errors in the text which must have been made in a hurry. I cannot understand why the spelling mistakes remained in the paper even when they took one more day to complete the essay. They offered me a rework to rectify those spelling mistakes but I chose to do it myself. I was a little apprehensive this time as they might take a long time to do the rework. So I discarded the option for rework from them and did it myself, finishing it off within half an hour.


The result of this essay was declared along with my performance results and I received ‘A’ grade which I think is a pretty good score considering the topic thermodynamics. Definitely, it is one of the hardest branches of Physics. I was delighted with my overall results as I had performed better than the last semester. The credit goes to my prompt decision of taking professional assistance at the right time. If I had done the essay by myself, I would have lost some crucial time in which I studied. It was nearly impossible to study when you need to do a practical task simultaneously.


Finally, the verdict! Overall I am happy with the service of EssayTigers.com. But it needs improvement in quite a few areas. Firstly, they need to design their website professionally, make the order process hassle-free (my order placement was not smooth) and add some samples in the website. Two-three samples are not enough to judge the quality. The customer service needs to be online every time. There had been many times when I did not find them online and even if they were online, they did not respond immediately. They need to show some professionalism in customer care. With regards to the quality I have nothing to say and they are doing well. But they should allow talking to the experts personally. In one area that they need drastic improvement is delivering the papers within the deadline. The last time too they could not send me the paper on time and this time they failed radically to deliver the paper even after one day. I study in an Australian university and every institution in the country do not show any form of tolerance to the students who submit their papers late. They can even cancel their paper awarding a failed grade. Hence, they need to deliver all the papers within the time.


The prices are affordable, neither too less nor too high. But one thing I acknowledge is that their papers are completely authentic and contains no plagiarism.


Finally, the EssayTigers provides good content but they cannot maintain the time-frame given to them. The students can resort to this site if they have a very long deadline for their practical work!

Source: http://topassignmentreviews.com/review/essaytigers-com

InstantAssignmentHelp 2020- Is Instant Assignment Help Scam or Legit Service?

Instant Assignment Help Review


Okay, so I'm a student of law and I am currently doing my LLM at the Sydney Law School. This assignment season I was in a bit of a mess as I had a very important paper due and I could not devote any time to this essay that had been assigned by another professor. Nonetheless, submitting it was very important for me as its grades were supposed to be a part of the report card and I could not bear the thought of seeing an ‘F’ there. So I thought, enough was enough. I needed to take help and so I got in touch with this website called Instant Assignment Help and here's my review of it.



Not satisfied with the writers

I had read a couple of Instant Assignment Help reviews before making my decision, which is why I thought they would be the perfect choice for my essay on “Should bullying be punishable by law?” But sadly, I was disappointed. Even though they gave me the freedom to choose my writer and I thought I had made a good choice by selecting a professional lawyer who had a PhD in criminal law, I wasn’t happy with the paper I got. The writers’ profile showed that he was knowledgeable and could do essays on any topics. So I wonder why he didn’t do my essay well. The writer clearly lacked knowledge or wouldn’t have made all the mistakes I spotted.

My rating for quality of writers is 2.5 out of 5


Rate Instant Assignment Help


The quality of the paper was as bad as the writers

Seriously guys, the essay I got was only a little bit away from being a total disaster. It consisted of almost every possible error in the book! The structuring of the sentences was bad, the spellings were all wrong and to make things worse, some of the sections and articles of law were wrongly stated. Heck, there was even an instance of plagiarism! Even though it was just one small instance that I could fix on my own without much of a hassle, the very fact that it was there is disturbing and not something I had expected. In fact, at one point I thought my essay was written by two writers because the intro was good but the main body was not.

I give them 2 stars for this


Very impressive delivery timing!

I had given them a deadline of 7 days and boy did they deliver! It took them just three and a half days since I placed my order to deliver my paper to me. Now that’s what I call speed. In fact, when I was placing my order, they had mentioned that they will promise delivery in four days or less despite my 7-day deadline, and I’ve got to say that I’m really happy. Since, I got my essay way sooner than I expected, I got the chance to go through it carefully so that I could pick out all the mistakes and as for a revision, which I did!

They get 4.5 stars for delivery


Pretty much the standard range of services

Well, as per their website they can help you out with a wide array of assignments, which include accounting, economics, business, finance, HR and the like. As you can see, that their focus is mostly on commercial studies, so if you are an arts or science student, you should look somewhere else. And I'm saying that from personal experience because my law paper wasn't that good. As for other services such as delivery timings, plagiarism policies etc, I have already spoken about them. The cool thing is that they have an app so it’s a lot easier to place an order.

I give them 3 stars


I did not expect such high prices

A 7-day deadline, and just a 750 words essay – that’s what my order was. My topic wasn’t that difficult either. So when I got the quote of A$ 74, I was shocked. And honestly, felt cheated when I saw the quality of the paper because I had paid for a first-class standard paper which I did not get. Their prices are steep! Moreover, on their site, under the pricing page, their list of prices showed that they would just take A$ 26 so I can’t really figure out why I had to pay nearly A$ 50 extra! So if you’re looking for an affordable solution, guys go for someone else. This one is not worth your time.

2 stars for pricing


A friendly support staff

Well, you got to hand it over to them for being friendly. Right from the start till the end, they entertained every query I had very patiently. They actually were available round the clock to answer my questions. Because I had called them around 1.30 am on a Tuesday and they were readily available to pass on my message to their writer. Also, when I asked them for a rework, they were polite enough to admit that they had made some mistakes in the paper and that they do would rectify them. After the revision, quite a few silly errors were removed so I’ll give them that.

4 stars for their support staff


My suggestions for InstantAssignmentHelp.com

After reading a lot of Instant Assignment Help Reviews by students as well as keeping my own experience in mind, my first suggestion for them would be that they better offer some clarity on their prices and even try to make their services more affordable for most of us. We are after all just students and it’s hard for us to pay up so much. And another thing I would like them to do is take the writing more seriously. There shouldn’t be even a single instance of plagiarism and the quality of the write-up should be better so I can actually get the ‘A’ grade that I was promised. Also, I’d suggest that they start offering services for more subjects. For students like us, we have a lot of varied subject combinations and it is very problematic for us to switch from one essay service provider to the next for a different subject. That’s all from me!!

So my overall rating for them is 3 stars out of 5.

Reviewer: Erin Polmear

Writer id: #0812

Date: 12-Dec-2018

Place: Gold Coast.

Source: http://topassignmentreviews.com/review/InstantAssignmentHelp-com

NinjaEssays Review - Is Ninja Essays Good for You?

Ninja Essays Reviews


I came to know about NinjaEssays.com when I was in college freshmen year. It does not matter how much I hate to admit it I was in big trouble. Serious trouble! My grades were getting worse with days. I was failing to cope up with the pressure of academics, resulting in depression and anxiety. I needed to find a way out of this situation. So I talked to my classmates. One of my buddies came up with a cool suggestion - it was availing online help. I thought, why not? It seemed simple and safe. But I was wrong.

As I was new to this idea of taking online help, I thought of sticking to my friend’s choice. He had ordered an essay which was due in 10 days. They delivered the paper within a week so I was assured that they knew their work. At the first go, I placed an order for a term paper which was due three days later. I thought it was a safe play. I don’t blame my friend for recommending this site. But the experience I had with NinjaEssays.com is not appreciable at all.


They have a section called, ‘our writers’. I expected they would describe the profiles of the writers, their qualifications, writing samples so that you could understand what to expect from the company. But they had a funny way to describe their writers like ‘our writers have at least master’s degrees.’ I suggest to them to make the page more authentic by putting the names of the university and degrees the writers have obtained.



Eventually, several things on this portal made me unhappy and left me dissatisfied with this service provider. While uploading my requirements in accordance with the instructions mentioned on the ordering form, what grabbed my attention was they were charging for proofreading services. I need to pay them $5 to get my paper proofread. It is ridiculous. Anyway, the order form was short. I uploaded the requirements very easily.


Customer services:

After uploading the requirements and additional specifications, I called them to simply check how efficient they were in responding. They did take my call immediately, but some technical errors caused call dropping. But there were few questions I needed to shoot. So I switched to their online chat option. After stating my initial question, a chat support executive named Raymond Perez responded. I described my query again in the chat. I kept staring at the chat window, but there was no response. I waited 5 minutes until I again posed my query. It took them 15 minutes to answer me. It was really frustrating. I was disappointed with the fact that they charge for plagiarism report. When I stated my requirements for the assignment, they said I needed to pay them extra $6 to get a plagiarism report. I could not afford to submit plagiarized content so I paid them to get the plagiarism report.



I was not sure about the market prices when I placed the order. But after placing the order, I went through few other sites to ensure they had not charged me anything absurd. But I was assured they did not. A good thing about their pricing policies was that fortunately they displayed their starting price of assignments. This is why I was assured that I could afford their services, but there was no discounts or personalized offer that I found in other sites.



They delayed the assignment delivery which was supposed to take place two days before the deadline. They delivered it just one day before. I was so disappointed with the content, I immediately requested them to revise it. They said the revised assignment would reach me within 12 hours as I had a deadline approaching. I called them to ensure that they were working on my assignment. Finally, they delivered the assignment within 12 hours. The recent version of the assignment was much better than the last version of the assignment.


Quality of the paper:

Still, many elements were missing in my paper. When I received my paper for the first time, it lacked the basic elements of a term paper: analysis. So I had to return it back for the revision. When I went through the revised copy, I would not say there was a huge difference. But it was some way better than what I had received earlier. It had a structure, albeit not a prominent one. The writing style was different this time. I understood that the second writer took the initiative to write the assignment from scratch. I appreciate the fact. But what was disappointing was the quality. It was average after all. I guess they lack experts who possess good writing skills. In addition, as I did not pay them for the proofreading services, they sent me the assignment with full of spelling and grammatical errors. I corrected them manually before handing it in. My suggestion to them is to direct their writers to check the assignment for   proofreading errors after completing it.


Final Verdict:

As this is the first time I availed writing services, I was expecting something good out of it. But I was gravely disappointed when I saw the results. I reckon some companies who would give you quality papers, but I cannot remark that NinjaEssays.com is the one you should look upon. But I did obtain ‘B’ grade on my term paper whereas ‘C’ was my usual. I was expecting a straight ‘A’ on that paper as I invested enough money in it. Here are my ratings based on my experience.


source: topassignmentreviews.com

Source: http://topassignmentreviews.com/review/ninjaessays-com

SameDayEssay Review - Should You Trust Same Day Essay Service?

SameDayEssay can deliver essays up to 3 pages in 12 hours. If you have research paper of 5 pages, then they can complete that in 24 hours. You can go through Samedayessay review review to get a clearer picture of their writing services.
Samedayessay provide academic writing for term papers, essays, book reviews, coursework, thesis and research proposals. There are editors and proofreaders to check the grammar, punctuation, spelling errors in the paper. You can also get the formatting done at samedayessay.com. The writers provide APA, MLA, Turabian, Harvard and Chicago styles of formatting as well. 



The Price Range

The prices depend on your urgency and the level of your education. For instance, if you want your paper within 4 days, then the price is $15.95 for High School, $ 17.95 for College Students, $19.95 for Undergraduate, $26.20 for Masters and $27.25 for Ph.D students. Discounts are also available for the first time users.

24*7 Online Support

You can get in touch with them whenever you have a query, or you need to get an essay done quickly. Their support executives are always online. You can call them and have a word with their experts. You can also have a chat with them for instant replies. Send them a mail at their email ID and they’ll revert. As fraud and fake companies are on the rise, it is always better to contact the company and check its authenticity.

Writers For Every Subject

Samedayessay have a team of over 1000 writers specializing in various subjects. Samedayessay provide reliable writing services for Engineering, Law, Literature, Philosophy and many more. You can contact them and confirm if they have writers for your subject.

How Do They Work?

You can get in touch with them any time. All you need to do is visit their website, fill out the form, place the order and make the payment via legit payment methods. You can also talk to the assigned writer and let him/her know about your requirements.

You Can Avail Bonus Points

Their website does not mention any money refund policy. Instead, you can make use of their bonus points. When you place an order for the first time at Same Day Essay, they open a virtual money account for you. This is highly confidential and only you can access it. 10% of your first order’s cost goes to this balance. After that, whenever you order a paper, you’ll get bonus of 5%. When you will have sufficient bonus points, you can buy your paper with that amount.
Their price rate is directly proportional to your urgency. So if you want to get an essay done within seven days, then you have to pay a little more. However, if you want the same within 15 days, then the rate will decrease. Visit their website to get a clearer idea about their price rates. Alternatively, you can go through their services to see if the company is reliable for you.

Same Day Essay Provides Custom-Made Papers

You can also register complains via mail and expect them to call you back immediately. They have a crew of over 500 academic writers to help you out. You can also download their writing samples and see if samedasyessay are worth your time and money. Although there aren’t any reports of scandal regarding this company, it is better to check their reviews first.
Source: http://reviewassignmenthelp.blogspot.com/2020/02/samedayessay-review.html

Ivoryresearch Review - Let's Reveal the Ivory research Truth

For any student, the biggest concern inarguably is in attaining good grades to sail through their academic pursuits. Now, in their quest to achieve those remarkable grades, the students end up suffering sleepless nights, anxiety, and what not. However, the wise ones often seek the timely intervention of paper writing services. A reliable writing service provider can transform your academic performance for the better. Now, let's focus on one such widely acknowledged academic service provider named Ivoryresearch .   


About the company


Ivoryresearch.com  is an academic writing company based in the United Kingdom, operating since 2005. Aside from the UK, the company provides its services in many other countries as well.

The about us section of the website states that the company promotes academic excellence and continuous learning and development. The company aims to provide the students with a platform where they would not only get assistance on their assignments, but they would also get the opportunity to learn about the specific topics that they need help on.

Some legit reviews on acclaimed review sites have pointed out that the website offers their assistance to students belonging to different academic levels. The company is also known to provide a diverse range of services to the students who seek their help.    




Prices and discounts


Pricing is an integral element for any academic writing service, and the same applies to Ivory research as well. However, according to some reviews posted about this site, it doesn’t contain any pre-defined pricing structure, neither does it contain any method to calculate the price of any particular order. Although the website contains information about the different categories of assignments, the prices of these categories are not mentioned.

The website claims to offer a money-back or money refund guarantee to the students. But then again, there is no elaborate policy or description of the aspect. The website claims to provide a discount in two scenarios, i.e. if a student pays for three or more assignments at the same time, he/she is eligible for a 15% discount. Again, if a student has received four assignments from them in the past, he/she is eligible to receive a 15%discount on their next order.

Now, according to some student complains, the service provider doesn’t provide any initial discount. Neither does the website give any seasonal offers.


The guarantees offered by the website

Ivoryresearch.com offers many guarantees for the students interested in availing their academic writing services. The following are some of the service guarantees that the website offers.

  • The website claims that the papers prepared by the website are never resold to any other clients.
  • They claim to work towards satisfying each and every one of their clients by providing well-crafted academic solutions.
  • The website exercises absolute secrecy and confidentiality while dealing the personal information about the students who have opted for their services.
  • The claim to deliver the tasks well-before their specified deadline.
  • The assignments prepared by the experts of the company follow all the specifications and guidelines provided by the students.
  • The papers crafted by the experts are absolutely error-free and devoid of plagiarism.
  • The website promises to provide free revision on every paper prepared by them, within 7 days of delivering the tasks.
  • The references and bibliography will be provided to the students without any additional charges. And it will contain precise information about all the resources used for the paper.
  • The experts that work on the students' papers are native of the UK and have acquired their degrees from institutions in UK.

Customer Assistance

The website has mentioned their email id through which the students can get in touch with the customer service executives. However, it doesn’t provide any phone number. Neither does it have the live chat facility for the students to receive instant replies. Because of this, some reviews have termed this website a scandal and called it a scam.


To conclude, it'll be wise to conduct a detailed research of your own if you want to avail the assistance of such service providers. That way you can ensure which ones to pick and which ones to avoid.


Read more-  topassignmentreviews

Source: http://topassignmentreviews.com/review/ivoryresearch-com