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Assignmenthelponline Review- Be Aware of Assignmenthelponline.co.uk

AssignmentHelpOnline Review



 I am Kirito from Singapore, studying in a UK university. I am writing this review to help students to make the right decision. It was only a few days back that I got introduced to a website named Assignmenthelponline. And I have lots to say about this site. If you are interested in taking help from assignmenthelponline.co.uk, then you might be curious about my experience with this company. Keep patience and read on.

Let's start with the basics that include the online order form. I got an essay task a few days back from my history professor. Meanwhile, I went on a field trip with my buddies. And when I came back, I totally forgot about the essay task. It was my best pal Davis, who reminded me just before the day of submission. Naturally, I panicked and asked him to help me out. But he also had two papers to complete. With no options left, I went online and found this company. As I was in a super hurry, I barely got the time to explore its features and services. I directly contacted their customer care support team over live chat facility. Surprisingly, Assignmenthelponline.co.uk replied to me within a few seconds after I filled up the necessary information to start the conversation. Hannah was quite efficient while answering my queries. As I was new to this system, I needed to know everything from the beginning. So it took me a few minutes to understand the whole process. Hannah directed to the online order form where I am supposed to place all required details like word limit, subject, instructions, referencing style and standard regarding the assignment. Frankly, it was quite easy and quick. I just needed five to six minutes to complete the whole ordering process. Things went well until now. I was patting on my back for finding such quick solution. But I was wrong. I just needed five to six minutes to complete the whole ordering process. Things went well until now. I was patting on my back for finding such quick solution. But I was wrong. I just needed five to six minutes to complete the whole ordering process. Things went well until now. I was patting on my back for finding such quick solution. But I was wrong.


I had to make the full payment before receiving the task. Due to the short deadline, the paper cost me 102.60 GBP. I was okay with this high price as they assured me the quality of the paper would be top-notch. Assignmenthelponline.co.uk also assured that the paper would be handled only by the history expert. My requirements were simple, 3-page history essay on 'the impact of post-colonialism on third world countries' with 7 sources to be included and Harvard referencing style. After placing the order, I wanted to ensure whether they started working on the paper as they promised. I tried to contact them on chat. But they were not much help as they asked to call their customer care directly. Thankfully, they got me connected to the writer named Mellissa through the message board. She ensured me the assignment will be completed within the given time period.


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Frankly, I never stopped worrying about the assignment. Although, I got busy in selecting pictures of my field trip. I almost forgot about the assignment until I got up in the morning. I opened the message board and tried to get connected with Mellissa. But there was no response. I waited 15-20 minutes, and then called their toll-free number. It took me quite some time to make them understand the problem I am facing. They kept me on hold for a few minutes and informed me the writer was still on that task. They also ensured the task would be completed within a few hours. I was fearing I would miss the deadline. I requested them to hurry up.


I was supposed to submit the essay paper at the end of the day and it was already midday. I again sent a message to the writer in the hope that she would reply. Thankfully, she did. She said she was just wrapping up. She might need one or two hours to complete. I had no choice but to say 'yes'. Three hours passed by but I did not receive any notification from the company. I was certain that I would miss the deadline. But I did not. Assignmenthelponline.co.uk did send me the paper but at the last minute. I did not get the chance to go through the paper as it I had to submit it. I was heartbroken.


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Last day, I received my grades. Surprisingly, I got B in the paper. On an average, I get B or C in academic papers. I thought it would get me an absolute A because I paid 102.60 GBP for it. But it did not. I am not completely disheartened with the result because it at least got me B. When I got the chance to check the content, I noticed it was OK, not something to brag about. The structure of the content was good. It proves that the writer knows how to write an academic paper. Moreover, they successfully followed all requirements provided by me, except one. I wanted to them use double spacing in the content whereas they used single spacing. Moreover, I found there were few grammatical mistakes as well.


My Advice:

  • Try to deliver the assignment before the deadline, not on the submission date
  • Lower the prices so that everyone can afford it
  • Try to elevate the quality of the connectivity between the writer and customers
  • Pay attention to the details of assignment requirements
  • Elevate the quality of delivered papers.


Is Assignmenthelponline.co.uk worth the money?

I will say, 'yes' because Assignmenthelponline.co.uk did complete the essay within the deadline. If you have an urgent deadline to meet, you can trust this site, but remember there are numerous sites that provide the same quality at lower prices. So it depends on you.

If I had to rate the whole experience with assignmenthelponline.co.uk, I would give them 2.5 out 5, an average number. This experience could have been better if Assignmenthelponline.co.uk pay attention to some of their flaws.




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