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Ivoryresearch Review - Let's Reveal the Ivory research Truth

For any student, the biggest concern inarguably is in attaining good grades to sail through their academic pursuits. Now, in their quest to achieve those remarkable grades, the students end up suffering sleepless nights, anxiety, and what not. However, the wise ones often seek the timely intervention of paper writing services. A reliable writing service provider can transform your academic performance for the better. Now, let's focus on one such widely acknowledged academic service provider named Ivoryresearch .   


About the company


Ivoryresearch.com  is an academic writing company based in the United Kingdom, operating since 2005. Aside from the UK, the company provides its services in many other countries as well.

The about us section of the website states that the company promotes academic excellence and continuous learning and development. The company aims to provide the students with a platform where they would not only get assistance on their assignments, but they would also get the opportunity to learn about the specific topics that they need help on.

Some legit reviews on acclaimed review sites have pointed out that the website offers their assistance to students belonging to different academic levels. The company is also known to provide a diverse range of services to the students who seek their help.    




Prices and discounts


Pricing is an integral element for any academic writing service, and the same applies to Ivory research as well. However, according to some reviews posted about this site, it doesn’t contain any pre-defined pricing structure, neither does it contain any method to calculate the price of any particular order. Although the website contains information about the different categories of assignments, the prices of these categories are not mentioned.

The website claims to offer a money-back or money refund guarantee to the students. But then again, there is no elaborate policy or description of the aspect. The website claims to provide a discount in two scenarios, i.e. if a student pays for three or more assignments at the same time, he/she is eligible for a 15% discount. Again, if a student has received four assignments from them in the past, he/she is eligible to receive a 15%discount on their next order.

Now, according to some student complains, the service provider doesn’t provide any initial discount. Neither does the website give any seasonal offers.


The guarantees offered by the website

Ivoryresearch.com offers many guarantees for the students interested in availing their academic writing services. The following are some of the service guarantees that the website offers.

  • The website claims that the papers prepared by the website are never resold to any other clients.
  • They claim to work towards satisfying each and every one of their clients by providing well-crafted academic solutions.
  • The website exercises absolute secrecy and confidentiality while dealing the personal information about the students who have opted for their services.
  • The claim to deliver the tasks well-before their specified deadline.
  • The assignments prepared by the experts of the company follow all the specifications and guidelines provided by the students.
  • The papers crafted by the experts are absolutely error-free and devoid of plagiarism.
  • The website promises to provide free revision on every paper prepared by them, within 7 days of delivering the tasks.
  • The references and bibliography will be provided to the students without any additional charges. And it will contain precise information about all the resources used for the paper.
  • The experts that work on the students' papers are native of the UK and have acquired their degrees from institutions in UK.

Customer Assistance

The website has mentioned their email id through which the students can get in touch with the customer service executives. However, it doesn’t provide any phone number. Neither does it have the live chat facility for the students to receive instant replies. Because of this, some reviews have termed this website a scandal and called it a scam.


To conclude, it'll be wise to conduct a detailed research of your own if you want to avail the assistance of such service providers. That way you can ensure which ones to pick and which ones to avoid.


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