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Thepensters.com 2020- Is Thepensters Scam or Legit Service?

Thepensters Review

thepensters review

I had this assignment to submit where I had this research paper to write on accounting and business management. Being too busy with my studies for my PhD, I could barely manage to find time to sit with the research process. So what I did is that I got few suggestions to take assignment help from writing service providers. I hesitated at first because I had a lot of questions, but then I decided to get it as my submission date was approaching. I was trying to find a site where I could talk with the writers since I hold a good reputation in the eyes of my professors. I just wanted to be sure that they understand what I need. I wanted to select a writer of my choice after speaking with a few and choose the best one. And that is where I got introduced to thepensters



Proficiency of Writers


I was pleased thinking that I chose the best writer after devoting much time and having a talk with a few of them where they assured me that they would give me the best paper. But I had my worst nightmare when the paper came. It was terrible and horribly written. The writing clearly showed me that the writer did not at all understood what I wanted in the paper and what the topic is about. To my surprise, I found that the same writers were bidding every time I changed the subject. I thought that the site provided writers who are subject specialists proficient enough to write on any topic. And that is when I realized what the reason was behind my terrible paper.



Quality of Solutions


From the paper, it was pretty much obvious that things were paraphrased and there was little original work. The paper wasn't at all edited and proofread properly. The language was unprofessional. There was a lot of spelling mistakes as well as grammatical mistakes especially there was confusion with the tenses. In many of the places, I found that the lines had no meaning. I could not understand what the writer wanted to say. I even could not find what few paragraphs meant and how at all they are linked with the topic. The conclusion was not even clear. There was no proper referencing, and I was concerned with high chances of plagiarism due to which I had to check myself.





The delivery was late. I had to continuously text the writer to show me at least the first half of what she had written which she didn't. She just said that it would distract her, so she does not want to do that. I had to persuade my professor to give me a day’s time to submit my work. And I had to go through the whole paper and correct it. And moreover, there was no one to whom I can complain about this



Range of Services


If someone wants to select his own writer, then this site offers a huge list of them. But there is no guarantee about the quality of writers. Later I found out that the same writer can write on two entirely different topics, through which I apparently felt that there is some kind of fraud or thepensters scam just to take the charges. Also, you have to wait for writers to see your topic and place their bids. The sites claim that we can check a writers rating, feedback, experience, their writing activities, etc. which I saw only to be half true. The positive thing is that you can have a different price range as writers offer their price. All payments are secured, and you have the facility to pay in instalments as well. The money back guarantee better to be kept as a no guarantee at all. Just another good aspect is that all personal information is classified.




It is very tough to compare the price range as I have seen that different writers demand different price. But the amount of money that I spent for my assignment is not at all worth for the poor quality writing that I got. Had it been for the best quality paper still it would be high. And when I am paying the directly to the writers, I really did not understand why I had to pay so much. Still, I took their service just in the hope that I will get a good piece of writing for such an amount.



Efficiency of Support Team


The site does not have a support team at all. And this was one aspect I did not like. I could not complain either ask for a refund. It is good to work directly with the writers, but personally, I think that there must be a support service to handle all queries. I just had to choose my writer by seeing all their smiling pictures boasting of their work, the badges and awards that the site gave them. If They could invest in decorating their site so much and giving lots of advertisements they should keep a customer care service to facilitate us. I really could not understand how it is even possible to manage without them.





The first and foremost suggestion is to introduce a customer care facility without whom it is pretty tough to take the services because there are a lot of problems that we customers face while taking the service. Secondly, there needs to be a check on the writers as well. Being a customer, I have my rights to get a writer who is a subject specialist but if this is the thing that they do not reveal who they actually are and what are their specialities it is evident we will get a bad paper. Also, it is a suggestion that the site introduces a recruiting team where they will check the writers for their academic qualification, how skilled they are in writing, how much experience they have in the job field or in the industry, etc. And only after they pass the test they would be eligible to be enrolled in the list. I think by doing this, the customers can select a genuine writer.


Reviewer: Paul A. Huang

Writer id: # 0235

Date: 22-Feb-2019

Place: San Jose.


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Source: http://topassignmentreviews.com/review/thepensters-com

Oxbridgeessays Review - Essay Writing Services Oxbridge essays Reviews 2020

oxbridgeessays review

I was no stranger to online essay writing services when I first visited Oxbridgeessays . Some of my classmates had already availed a few writing services from the website, and they had mixed reviews about the site. Last month, when I needed writing support on my history essay paper, I chose to avail it from Oxbridgeessays.com. 

I had read good reviews about the site's services. So, I had high expectations when I visited Oxbridgeessays.com. However, the output was somewhat disappointing. This made me question the legitimacy of the reviews posted on the websites. So, I decided to share my experience here. If you are going to place an order at Oxbridgeessays.com , I would suggest you to read this review first.   

A well-designed user interface:

Oxbridgeessays.com is undoubtedly one of the well-decorated essay writing websites that are currently available on the internet. It uses a compelling color scheme and amazing graphics which make a great impression on the visitors. I was so overwhelmed by the user interface of the website that I took no extra minute to make my mind about placing the order.

It is also quite easy to navigate through the website. All the necessary links are placed conveniently on the homepage, and you get a decent idea about the website's services just by looking at the homepage. This is exactly how a website should be designed. However, there is no online chat option on the homepage, which is a real setback for a well-designed website.

Based on the user interface, I would rate Oxbridgeessays.com 4 out of 5.


Check Oxbridgeessays feedback

A wide range of services:

Besides its brilliantly designed website, the variety of services also impressed me a lot. They have segmented their services on the basis of education levels including A-Level/IB, undergraduate, masters, LLB and LLM. For each of those academic levels, they offer support on essays, presentation, coursework, complete dissertations, individual dissertation chapter, critical review, dissertation proposal, reports and much more.

I was looking for an essay writing service, but the broad range of services was certainly commendable. In fact, I have rarely seen such a variety of writing services at any other websites I visited earlier. Even though they offer a comparatively wider range of services, I feel they could have added programming assistance, thesis writing and several other services that are often needed by the students like us.

I would like to rate their variety of service 4 out of 5.

Slightly over-priced services:

If you are running short on the budget, this is not the place for you. The standard essay writing service costs around £145, which is quite high in comparison to the industry standards. You can get your essay paper delivered by the next working day, but that is going to cost you £320. For an average student, that is a lot of money. So, that is not a viable option for most students.

Notably, the cheapest option that Oxbridgeessays has takes 60 days to deliver. Firstly, nobody orders their essay or assignment 2 months before the submission. And even if somebody decides to place an order 2 months before the delivery, he/she will not be willing to pay £135. I feel they should reconsider their pricing and slash the prices a little or offer some discounts so that students can opt for their services without having to think about the budget.

I would rate their pricing 2 out of 5.

They should improve their delivery timing:

 Even though Oxbridgeessays.com makes a great first impression with its amazing user interface and variety of services, it starts to disappoint you as you proceed further in their system. While I was already a little bummed because of the overpricing, the fact that they don’t consider working on weekends did make me question whether the site is reliable or not. Since they don’t deliver tasks on Saturdays and Sundays, I had to consider four extra days besides the mandatory 10 days deadline.

I am not calling Oxbridgeessays.com a fraud, but when a client needs the task as soon as possible, the service provider should try to deliver the solution at least a day before the promised deadline. However, the experts at Oxbridgeessays do not believe in the same thought. They delivered my order on the 14th day, because of which I couldn’t get the chance to revise it before submission.

For their below average delivery service, I would rate them 2 out of 5 stars.

The quality of content was sub-standard:

While some of my friends received a satisfying solution from Oxbridgeessays.com, I found the quality of the essay to be underwhelming. The essay was mediocre, and even though they followed the instructions I gave, they failed to deliver a flawless essay. There were some grammatical mistakes which I later found on the paper while going through the paper.

Furthermore, the paper also had several plagiarism issues which were highlighted as soon as I run a plagiarism check on the paper. I find all their promises about plagiarism-free content and supreme quality paper to be fake. I also realised that their claim about having experts from Oxford and Cambridge is nothing but a cheap publicity stunt. If they really had better writers, my essay would have been much superior in quality.

For their sub-standard solution, I would rate them 2 out of 5.

The customer care was not at all supportive:

As mentioned earlier, there is no online chat option on the website. For this reason, I had to call them up while placing the order to clear a few doubts that I had. I could have avoided the awkward conversation if they had a functional chat option. Funny thing about Oxbridgeessays.com is that they keep their helpline open for a limited time (9 AM to 6 PM), that too only on weekdays (Monday to Friday).

While there are several loopholes in Oxbridgeessays.com’s customer support segment, their incompetence in providing assistance was something that got me furious. I told them that the solution they offered had numerous mistakes in it, and I wanted my money back. They neither processed my request for a refund nor told me anything about rework, which would not have been helpful as the deadline was already over.

For their incompetent customer support service, I would rate Oxbridgeessays.com 1 out of 5 stars.


As per Oxbridge essays review , it does not only offer a mediocre solution but also charges a higher amount of money for it. It certainly covers more services than other websites, and also holds a better user interface, but when it comes to the aspect of their writing service, the quality fails miserably. 

I have received disappointing services before, but I never had any expectation from those websites in the first place. Oxbridgeessays.com gets your hopes high with their attractive appearance and a wide range of services, but when it comes to the delivery of the solution, they show you their actual standards. For the inconvenience they have caused me, I would rate Oxbridgeessays.com 2 out of 5 stars.

Source: http://topassignmentreviews.com/review/oxbridgeessays-com

TFTH Review: A ThanksfofrtheHelp Service You Should Avoid


High qualification of the experts matters a lot to provide best quality assignments to the students. However, thanksforthehelp  does not hire all of its academic experts based on their qualification standard. It is evident through thanksforthehelp  reviews  that the academic papers provided by its experts do not meet the academic standards. So, all the academic assignments provided to the students are below the average standard. You should definitely justify the service quality of this company before grabbing their writing options.

According to the t fth review  and feedback, TFTH is misleading and almost everyone who opt for their service has a bad experience. After going through all the reviews and feedbacks, we don't advise any student to avail their services.

As written in the review below, their primary aim is to “milk you” which means their motives are purely monetary gain. We request everyone to be aware of such services and not to fall in their trap.

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Source: http://topassignmentreviews.com/review/thanksforthehelp-com

Why Everyone take help When It Comes to Assignment Help


Assignment writing services can turn out to be a blessing for students. If you are a student and you have heard of these services, then you must have been living under the rock. From improving your understanding of the subject, you can achieve this with the help of these services. While there are some service providers out there, you can still find a reliable service.


Have a look at the amazing benefits you can:

  • Uncompromised quality- There's one thing you need to be good at. The professionals of the assignment writing services always make sure that the highest quality is maintained in the paper. Thus, you can be sure that you will receive higher grades with these services.
  • Never Missing the Deadline - Another benefit of taking care of the assignment is that you will never miss your deadline. The professionals deliver the work so fast that you can check it and submit it much before the time.
  •  Error-free content- While writing any academic content, making grammatical errors is very common for any student. You may lose scores if you submit a copy containing several mistakes. The assignment writing services will help you to make your academic papers completely free of any kind of error.
  • Plagiarism-free original academic papers- Every institution follows a very strict plagiarism policy. So, if you submit any plagiarized content, your paper will get rejected. The professional assignment writing services can effectively search for a plagiarized or copied content in a paper. They will help you to write original papers that are free from any plagiarized content.
  • Highly informative assignments- The experts of these services are also capable of finding the necessary information for writing an assignment. If you ever find it difficult to get the data for a paper, you should have.

You will receive all the above mentioned benefits.

These are the most visit site, Check reviews here:
Essaypro academized
Ultius Edusson essayshark


Source- essaywritingservicereview.over-blog.com

Source: http://essaywritingservicereview.over-blog.com/2019/08/why-you-must-take-help-from-assignment-writing-services.html
ukessays review
ukessays review

Wrapping up the whole scenario, UKessays does a good job by putting up an eye catchy stuff for enticing the students in an urgent need of essay help. It displays a number of features that act as a bait for the students all over the UK. But that's not what the ones looking for an efficient essay or dissertation writing help should fall for. They should instead work smart and conduct a research so as to figure out if the website is legit or fake. Every other website boasts about being the best in the services that it provides but knowing the facts inside before investing can actually help you save money and most importantly grades!

Share your feedback here- https://topassignmentreviews.com/review/Ukessays-com/

Source: http://topassignmentreviews.com/review/Ukessays-com
best dissertation writing services
best dissertation writing services

Learn about the companies that provide the best dissertation writing services. This blog presents seven websites where you can invest and get value for money.

Source: http://topassignmentreviews.com/blog/7-best-dissertation-writing-services

EssayShark Review- Is it trustworthy service?

This one-hour essay service of EssayShark is a good endeavor to start as the students can require immediate academic assistance at any point of time. But unfortunately, they are not competent to deliver the papers with such proficiency. After providing them a deadline of one hour and getting it well after two hours proves it. They lack resources and ability to deliver the work on time. The technical problems and glitches make the situation even worse. Also, the order process needs a total revamp. Anyone who is asking an essay within one hour cannot afford to spend 30 minutes completing the order process. I had already stated that with the essay I did not receive the references so I don’t know the sources consulted to prepare the essay. Interestingly, they also did not provide me the plagiarism report though they promised to write my argumentative essay from scratch. At that time, in the hurry I also forgot about asking the plagiarism report from them.

Source: http://topassignmentreviews.com/review/One-hour-essay-EssayShark-com
persuasive essay to appreciate Hamlet's tragedy
persuasive essay to appreciate Hamlet's tragedy

Writing a persuasive essay on Shakespeare’s Hamlet may require more efforts and a better understanding of the text from the essay writer. The article discusses a few tips and tricks that can help anyone draft a decent persuasive essay to appreciate Hamlet's tragedy.


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This post provides an unbiased review of MyAssignmenthelp.com. It highlights the exclusive features and discusses how students can get the best value for money by trusting the services provided by the company.

I trusted edubirdie service and hired their writers for a thesis that i needed urgently. What i got in return of my money was an essay in place of a thesis paper. I wanted to have a chat with their writers to solve the issue but there was no writer online and so i had to hire another assignment help service ti get the thesis done.



Reblogged from richardy:

You have to believe us on MyAssignmenthelp.com.
Myassignmenthelp.com provides you with the coolest offers and discounts that will simply blow your mind. Have a listen this audio.
Visit and review 0n MyAssignmenthelp here: https://topassignmentreviews.com/review/myassignmenthelp-com/


Also check offer here- https://myassignmenthelp.com/offers/

You have to believe us on MyAssignmenthelp.com.
Myassignmenthelp.com provides you with the coolest offers and discounts that will simply blow your mind. Have a listen this audio.
Visit and review 0n MyAssignmenthelp here: https://topassignmentreviews.com/review/myassignmenthelp-com/


Also check offer here- https://myassignmenthelp.com/offers/

If your question is "How much does edubirdie essay cost", So as per website the starting price for the edubirdie essay is $18 which goes up by adding services like proofreading, bibliography, outline, formatting and so on. The writing service offered by Edubirdie covers almost all academic writing like Assignments, Essays, Report, Case Study, Coursework, Research paper. Students interested in academic writing help from this website can easily avail it by paying through PayPal, a secure payment gateway. It further claims to provide rework facility in case any of the students are not satisfied with the papers they receive. Moreover, you'll find a refund or money back policy highlight in the best possible manner on the website itself.


Click to know, Edubirdie review, price, student feedback- https://topassignmentreviews.com/review/edubirdie-com/






Every student said that MyAssignmenthelp.com is not involved with any fake or fraud activities. They always make promises that they can fulfill and charges the price accordingly. Therefore, students are extremely satisfied after taking the services from MyAssignmenthelp.com and regarded it to be trustworthy.


Several students have said that MyAssignmenthelp.com provide the assignments at the most affordable price. Hence, they do not have to worry about their pockets at all. They know that MyAssignmenthelp.com is their only friend when they need to finish the assignments and therefore, it is only MyAssignmenthelp.com that they choose.


Despite giving the papers at the lowest rates, students said that they are extremely satisfied with the services because MyAssignmenthelp.com never lowers the quality of the assignments. The service providers promise top quality papers and that is exactly what the students get. Therefore, students can order any assignment.


Students have also mentioned that they are surprised by the delivery policy of the site. MyAssignmenthelp.com is well-known for their on-time delivery of the assignments. Rather, students are happy to see the papers in their inbox prior to the deadlines. They said that they could revise the papers and know what is written in it.


Students have also talked about the revision and refund policies of MyAssignmenthelp.com. They said that the site has satisfactory policies where they can get the papers revised in case the writers do not meet the requirements. A refund of the amount that they have paid is also a good bargain when the site cannot manage to find a writer on a given topic.


It is a must-visit site for all students!

Myassignmenthelp Reviews

AllAssignmentHelp Reviews

Australianhelp Review

Edubirdie Review

EssayAssignmentHelp Review

Consult TopAssignmentReviews before availing assignment writing services

today it has made the lives of students quite easier by introducing online academic services in the scene. However, One should always consult the top assignment reviews before availing any assignment services like myassignmenthelp.com since the number of fraud sites on the internet has grown significantly in the recent past.

With the increasing academic pressure at the schools, colleges and universities, more and more students are finding it hard to cope with the immense workload. Thus, they hire experts from various academic solution providers online and ask them to complete their due homework and assignment for them in exchange for a certain amount of money. But it has been noticed recently that a lot of them aren't delivering a service worth the money. For this reason, it has become important for the students to check with the reviews of a site before availing a service from it, since valuable marks are at stake. If a student is receiving assistance from AustralianHelp.com review, it will be wiser to read the  AustralianHelp review before placing the order.


It is understandable that students don’t really have that much time to go through each of these sites thoroughly and find out about the effectiveness. But this is not too hard now since there are numerous online forums on the internet where students have posted their reviews about various academic solution providers based on their experience with the service provider. That gives a comprehensive idea of what one can expect from a certain website. If allassignmenthelp review has been incompetent in providing a well-researched assignment paper, or have been sloppy in delivering the task on time, a student can learn about it by reading the all assignment help review which are written by another fellow student.


If MYASSIGNMENTHELP review has been incompetent in providing a well-researched assignment paper, or have been sloppy in delivering the task on time, a student can learn about it by reading the MY ASSIGNMENT HELP review which are written by another fellow student. There are plenty of websites that offer genuine academic assistance to the students, but since the demand for quality assistance has gone up in the past few years, a lot of websites have been launched on the internet primarily to make a profit from the situation. This type of websites does not really focus on providing quality work, which is why a student needs to make sure he/she is putting the faith on the right people. Websites like Globalassignmenthelp.com and essayroo.com have some good-looking homepages where they claim they can provide everything with a student need, but one needs to go through the genuine Globalassignmenthelp.com and essayroo reviews to get an insight about their services. **reference: why students check topassignmentreviews